image Introduction to English Legal History
14/12/2021 - 17:00,


The English common law tradition has shaped the legal systems of much of the world (including being the dominant influence of modern Cyprus law). But it is often impossible to understand the workings of English law (and its international influence) without some essential understanding of how English law developed, from the Middle Ages to the modern era and how it distinguished itself from the legal traditions of Continental Europe. This miniature module is addressed to law students and law graduates who wish to understand the historical foundations of modern English law, and the common law tradition. It is divided into four parts: - Historical overview of the evolution of English law (drawing comparisons with developments in Continental Europe over the same period) - Exposure to primary sources that give an understanding of how this evolution came about - Examples drawing from literature and culture - Connections to modern developments Target audience: Open to the public (alumni & non-alumni), Instructor: Dr. Nikitas Hatzimihail, Duration:3 hours (Wed,17:00-20:00). Certificate of attendance will be sent. Offered in English. Participation Fee: 45€ - 60€ , 45€: -€15/hour for UCY & YUFE alumni & students, -€20/hour for individual participants of the general public (that are, external members of UCY Community, including the UCY & YUFE staff members) -€15/hour for the UCY & YUFE staff & other external members of the UCY Community, with the prerequisite of being enrolled as a group of at least 2 participants representing an entity (e.g. a university, a company, an organization).

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