BSc in Business Administration specialization in Management

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Profile of Programme

The undergraduate program in Business Administration and Public Administration offers 3 different degrees:
(1) Business Administration with direction in Management,
(2) Business Administration with direction in Operation Management
(3) Business Administration with direction in Marketing.
The program is designed to train its graduates with the scientific knowledge of all branches of Business Administration and at the same time to offer them specialization in Management, Marketing or Operation Management.
The program is supported by distinguished academics, high quality teaching and combines practical training with synergies from local and international companies. The program is constantly enriched by the integration of innovative research and business practices.

Key Learning Outcomes

 The curriculum aims to:

a) familiarize students with modern techniques of data analysis and tools for problem solving, strategy-drafting and «smart» decision-making.

b) cultivate critical thinking for in-depth understanding and effective and responsible handling of behaviors in human systems, both in Cyprus and internationally.

c) instill the values of cooperation, initiative (leadership and business), and accountability,as essential components of organisational behavior.

Key Information

Department: Department of Business and Public Administration

Faculty: Faculty of Economics and Management

Programme Name: Business Administration direction Management

Direction: Management

Level of Qualification: 1st Cycle (Bachelor's Degree) [8 Semesters]

Mode of Study: Full time

Language of Instruction: Greek

Coordinator: Professor George Hadjinicolas

Curriculum Structure

Compulsory Courses
Core Courses 140
Specialized Courses Extension 6
Specialized Courses Depth Course 14
Elective 20
Thesis 12
Restricted Elective Depth Course 24
Restricted Elective Extension 24

Courses per Semester

Notes for Course Structure Diagram with Credits

Thesis is optional, it can be replaced by two Restricted elective courses

Restricted Elective Courses:

Restricted Elective Courses required for the Degree of Management, comprise of either 2 Thesis courses, 4 Business Depth Courses and 4 Business Breadth Courses, or 5 Business Depth Courses and 5 Business Breadth Courses.

-4 Courses from a list of Business Depth Courses.
-4 Courses from a list of Business Breadth Courses.
-5 Courses from a list of Business Depth Courses.
-5 Courses from a list of Business Breadth Courses.

List of Courses

Elective Courses:

20 ECTS from Free Electives Courses from other departments. Free electives from the Sports Council, the Language Centre and the Centre of Entrepreneurship are considered courses of their respective independent faculties.

-20 ECTS from at least 3 different Faculties, including the Faculty of Economics and Management, excluding the Department of Business and Public Administration.

List of Courses

Conditions of Study

The vast majority of newly admitted undergraduate students enter the University of Cyprus following Pancyprian Examinations organised by the Ministry of Education and Culture for admission into establishments of higher education.
Admission based on Special Criteria: Candidates who have taken the Pancyprian Examinations and who meet certain special criteria, as these are set out in the Rules and Regulations of Academic and Student Affairs, may seek a limited number of places (14% of Cypriot admissions).

· Top athletes and persons distinguished in International Olympiads: Athletes with top distinctions in sports, as defined by the Council of the University of Cyprus or who have won 1st 2nd or 3rd place medals in International Olympiads (e.g. Mathematics, ICT, Biology, etc.), may be admitted into Departments of Cyprus University without examinations simply on the basis of their Lyceum Leaving Certificate.

· Entry on the basis of Panhellenic Examinations: 10% of the total number of places offered through the Pancyprian Examinations may be taken up by candidates passing the Panhellenic Examinations.

Entry on the basis of International Examinations

An additional number of places (3%) of admissions from Cyprus may be sought on the basis of the results of international examinations such as GCE, Baccalaureate or other equivalent examinations, by Cypriots belonging to the Republic’s official religious groups, repatriated Cypriots, Cypriots who reside permanently abroad, Greeks of the diaspora, children of officials of the Cypriot Foreign Service and foreign citizens from EU states or countries outside the European Union.

Turkish-Cypriots Turkish Cypriot graduates of six-grade secondary schools are admitted on the basis of their school-leaving certificate or after passing special written or oral examinations organised by the competent Department. Transfers/Second Degree Every year Cyprus University offers a limited number of places for internal/external transfers and for obtaining a second degree.

Students must always advise the University's' Undergraduate Study Rules  

The Program is based on the European System of Credit Transfer and Accumulation (ECTS). The degree is awarded after the successful completion of studies in the program / direction determined by the Department. It is also required to succeed at least 240 ECTS . 

The final grade of an undergraduate student, and consequently the grade of his Degree (Excellent with Distinction (9.5-10), Excellent (8.5-9.49), Very Good (6.5-8.49), Good (5.5-6.49) and Satisfactory (5-5.49) is calculated as the weighted average of all the courses that the student has successfully completed.The weighting is based on the hours of each course. 

Further Information

Occupational Profiles of Graduates with Examples

The Business and Public Administration degree-holders are employed shortly after their graduation in positions in a wide range of businesses and organisations, both in the private and public sector. They are remunerated with competitive salaries and are able to advance their career in managerial positions. They are also trained by acquiring the skills to be able to follow the path of innovation and entrepreneurship by founding their own businesses. A significant percentage of our graduates are pursuing postgraduate studies at prestigious Universities of the United Kingdom, other European countries and in North America.

Access to Further Studies

Graduates can be admitted to Master Programs